SAP Business One Procurement Options


- Owned

  • Licence is Bought Upfront and Owned
  • Annual 20% Maintenance Fee of Purchase Price
  • Includes Major and Minor Releases
  • Installation On Customers Premises
  • Private Cloud Installation
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Cloud Based

- Rented

Per Month
  • 12 Month Per User Subscription
  • Includes all Other Required Software Licences
  • Includes Server Hardware and Data Center Components
  • Includes Maintenance
  • Regular Back-Ups Included
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Deployment Options

At Iconisol the choice is yours when it comes to deployment of your SAP Business One Solution


- On-Premise

On-premise refers to the traditional deployment method whereby the SAP Business One licenses are purchased out-right and installed in a data center or computer room on the customer’s premises on hardware and infrastructure owned by the customer.Sign Me Up!


- Hosted

Hosted is a variation of an on-premise deployment except that customer-owned hardware and software are deployed in a professional data center instead of on the customer’s premises. This provides additional physical and logical security benefits as well as improved redundancy and continuity compared to on-premise.Sign Me Up!

Monthly Subscription

- Cloud

Our SAP Business One Cloud solution is charged monthly per user and includes the SAP Business One license subscription and all other required software licenses such as Microsoft Windows and SQL. The monthly fee also includes all server hardware and data center components as well as maintenance and backup services.Sign Me Up!

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